Magicfly digital mini fully automatic egg incubator review

Magicfly digital mini fully automatic egg incubator review

Are you finding it difficult to incubate the eggs in your poultry using the conventional method? Is the conventional method of incubating the eggs not giving effective results? Are you looking for an egg incubator to hatch all the eggs in your poultry? Now, I am going to introduce you with an excellent product using which you can solve all the above issues in your poultry. When you know about this product, you will be a fan of it like me. The product I am talking about is Magicfly digital mini fully automatic egg incubator. By using this egg incubator, you can incubate from 9 to 12 eggs as per the size of the eggs.

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This is easy to use and reliable egg incubator to help the poultry owners in incubating varieties of eggs with fun. Because of its simple design, you can use this product to teach your kids about the incubation of eggs. With a compact design and wide capacity, this egg incubator can be a great choice for any beginner or professional poultry personnel. As the name, this product can give you magical results. So, I would recommend you to use this egg incubator in your poultry to get effective results.

Who should use this product?

If you have poultry and finding solutions for the incubation of the eggs, then this product is ideal for you. You can use this product for hatching chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs, owl eggs, pheasant eggs, and many more. If you are going to start poultry, then you need to use this product for the incubation of the eggs. Families that incubate chicken, ducks or geese should use this product to make their work easier. Anyone who is involved or looking to get involved poultry work should use this egg incubator to automate his/her work.

Magicfly egg incubator is a fully automatic device and includes an auto thermometer, humidity alarm and LED display for easy user interface. So, anyone can use this egg incubator without any issue. With its auto egg turning feature, it becomes very easy for a person to use it. It doesn’t require much effort to start the operation. One just needs to place the eggs in it and wait for them to get incubated. It is a very slow process, so you may not see it. When I used it, I was unable to see the process. But, after the completion of the process, the result was fine. You can adjust the temperature using the given button. However, the automatic temperature controller controls the temperature all over the day to offer a comfortable place for the chicks.

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  • Auto thermometer system: This incubator includes an auto thermometer for controlling the temperature automatically. I liked this feature because you no need to go again and again to set the temperature. The device has a button for temperature control. Once you set the temperature using the button, the automatic temperature control system controls the temperature and ensures to provide a safe environment for the chicks. This device can support the growth of the chicks by offering a healthy environment to them.
  • Durable construction: The egg incubator is made of PVC+PP material for high durability and safety. In this incubator, the eggs and chicks stay safely without any risk. The environment in this device is healthy for both of them. Because of durable material construction, this product can last for a long time.
  • High capacity: This incubator can be used for incubating chickens, ducks, owls, pheasant, geese, etc. So, this is an ideal product for many people to incubate the poultry eggs. Also, it can hold up to 12 eggs in one session, allowing you to incubate more eggs at a time. This feature makes this egg incubator a versatile product in the market.
  • Automatic egg turner: Because of this feature, Magicfly egg incubator is very popular in the market. The eggs placed in it will be turned automatically and the embryos will be protected in it. This is a very slow process and is done in this device effectively. This is the most liked feature of this product, as one no needs to put more effort to hatch the eggs. Also, this device comes with the required things to start an incubation session.
  • LED display: The LED display on the top of this device lets you know about the temperature inside the incubator. Also, there is a flashing light to detect the temperature fall below the lowest temperature. The readings on LED display can be read easily by anybody.
  • Energy-efficient performance: This egg incubator requires just 110 volts to incubate the eggs efficiently. The device works by consuming minimal power, which is a great feature to consider in an egg incubator.

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Tips for using:

To get the desired results from this best egg incubator, you should use it properly. I am sharing some tips here, from my experience of using this product so that you can use it effectively.

  • You should always follow the suggested temperature for the specific egg.
  • Magicfly egg incubator doesn’t include a humidity setting, but you can use an external humidity sensor if needed. Also, you can use an external thermometer if required.
  • If you see the temperature of the egg incubator is different from your home thermometer, you should consider the home temperature and adjust the temperature accordingly.


Magicfly digital mini egg incubator is an extraordinary product for poultries. This is a fully automatic device that makes the incubation job easier for a person. This product is ideal for a broad range of eggs, so mostly preferable for any poultry. The device comes with safety standards to keep the eggs and chicks safe inside. This device can provide a healthy environment for the eggs, so you can get assured that the eggs are at the right place for incubation. Its automatic temperature adjustment can provide a consistent temperature for the specific type of egg once you adjust the temperature. If you use this incubator, you can improve the hatch success rate of the eggs tremendously.

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