How to Smoked Sausage to keep the Juice

Sausages are loved by almost everyone. People of all age groups love eating sausages. A sausage is probably an easiest and quick way of eating smoked meat.Just like other food products, cooking sausages is also a kind of art. Some people think that learning how to cook sausage is a silly thing, but instead, it is as equally essential as seasoning, stuffing, grinding, and mixing. There is a science behind cooking, doesn’t matter whether a sausage is roasted, steamed, smoked or poached. Safety should be a priority during cooking. A Sausage is a lump of ground meat and therefore it cannot be served underdone, it has to be cooked very well. If a person is choosing to smoke the sausage, then he should make sure that the sausage is cured otherwise there might be a risk of botulism. Botulism is probably the most fatal form of food poisoning.

So, how much times does it requires to smoke sausages? If you smoke sausages at higher temperatures (i.e. 170-210 degrees Fahrenheit), then possibly it is going to require 3 to 4 hours of smoking. One needs to heat the raw sausages until the temperature inside sausages reaches 160º Fahrenheit. Although, smoking sausages can last for several hours depending upon the amount of flavour one needs in the end. In order to achieve the smoky flavour, slow smoking of sausage is required. An ideally smoked sausage has a reddish-brown and shrivelled appearance, which indicates that the sausage is smoked well. As soon as the correct smoking is achieved, the sausages are then chilled down, this avoids harmful microorganism contamination in the sausages.

There are different types of sausages depending upon the taste of people. These are Chorizo, Andouille, Italian Sausages, Bratwurst, and Kielbasa. Each of them has different constituents.

Process of smoking Sausages:

If you are new to the world of sausages, then smoking sausages might be quite difficult for you. The smoking and grilling of the sausages are not easy processes. For this reason, we are sharing a few important steps that will help you smoke sausages correctly at your home.

#1. Preparations:

  • The first thing you need to do is collect and prepare the important tools that you need for the process of smoking. It includes smoker/grill, wood chips, cool water in a small bowl, digital thermometer.
  • Now, place the wood chips in the cool water bowl (it is crucial if you need well-flavoured sausages at the end). This process is done to get the right flavour of the desired smoky taste.
  • You need to pre-heat the griller or smoker. (This step is done to attain 200-225º F temperatures, one should make sure that this step is done just before placing the meat on the smoker/griller).
  • In the next step, place the sausages on the smoker/griller. (Remember to keep the one-inch spacing between all sausages).
  • Then, add the wood chips. (Adding wood to the smoker starts the process of burning which produces the required smoke).

#2. Smoking:

The sausages should be smoked for between 25-55 minutes. It is important to make sure that sausages are smoked moderately, over smoking may ruin the taste.

After the sausages are smoked for near one hour, one should check the internal temperature of the sausages by using a digital thermometer. One should make sure that 160 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature is achieved internally. If the temperature exceeds the desired temperature (160 degrees Fahrenheit, then the sausages will end up being dry, unpalatable and musty. On the other hand, a temperature lower than 160 degrees Fahrenheit is not ideal to kill the common meat microorganisms. Eating badly cooked meat tends to degrade the health conditions of individuals. It is suggested that the wood chips should be changed at intervals of one and a half hours. This is done because replacing the wood chips allows the smoke to come out during the entire process.

#3. Process of Cooling down:

  • Now, the time has come to remove the sausages from the smoker/griller. By this time, the sausages should be covered with a dark brown or deep brown colour, making it palatable and juicy.
  • One can pour the cold water on the stack of sausages to cool down. This process of cooling makes the sausages ‘turgid’.
  • One can air-dry the sausages for 2 to 3 hours. Sausages can also be pasteurized and frozen to store for an extended period.

Bottom line:

Every sausage lover wants his/her sausage to be the most delicious. To achieve a delicious taste, the time of smoking is very crucial. One needs to follow each and every step properly. Both the time and temperature plays a vital role in smoking of the sausages. These two factors can either make the end product or break the end product. The time and temperature vary on the basis of the desired juiciness and flavour. Too high temperatures can lead to cracks in sausages. 160 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be the ideal internal temperature for preparing sausages. For new cooks, smoking sausages might be a tedious task. We suggest our readers to keep practicing, this will help you improve your sausage smoking skills.

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