Brinsea Mini II Eco Hatching Egg Incubator Review

Nowadays, egg incubators have become popular because of their unique features and outstanding performance. When it comes to creating a perfect environment for eggs of different species, egg incubators are always on the top of the list. But, it is also important to choose the right product for the specific application to get the perfect results. So, I am reviewing an excellent egg incubator here, which can be used for several purposes effortlessly. That product is Brinsea Mini II Eco Hatching egg incubator. It is a high-quality egg incubator and comes with the required components to start the incubation process. By having this egg incubator at home, you can hatch the eggs conveniently.

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With temperature and humidity control, digital display, air circulation system, and easy to clean design, this egg incubator can incubate the eggs with ease. It is a small egg incubator and ideal for 7 duck eggs, 10 chicken eggs and 12 quail eggs. If you have this device at home, you can easily incubate the eggs. It comes with an electronic temperature control system that allows you to maintain the inside temperature for creating a safe environment for the eggs. Also, this temperature control system enables you for fine-tuning. With hygienic ABS plastic construction, this egg incubator provides a safe environment for the eggs. As the material is anti-microbial, there is no fear of germs for the eggs.

Who should use this product?

The Brinsea Mini II Eco egg incubator is a compact-sized product that allows you for incubating a few numbers of eggs at a time. So, small scale breeders should use this product at their home effectively. If you want to become a breeder and searching for a beginner level egg incubator for learning purpose, then this product is ideal for you. It comes at an affordable price, so any beginner can purchase this product easily and start to learn. This is a powerful egg incubator and ideal for using at home and small farms. A clear lid is included in this product for viewing the inside process conveniently. Teachers can use this egg incubator to view the incubation process practically to students. With this product, students can learn the process easily.

This egg incubator controls the humidity perfectly to create a healthy environment for the eggs. Its inbuilt water reservoirs provide the required humidity for the eggs. It comes with an external water top-up feature to allow you to fill the water reservoir easily without removing the lid. The only drawback of this product is one need to turn the eggs manually two times a day. It includes a semi-automatic turning kit to ease the process. However, beginners can use this product effortlessly.

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  • Fan assisted air circulation system:

For the health of the eggs, proper temperature is required inside the egg incubator. So, to keep the temperature ideal inside the product, it includes fan assisted air circulation system. This system provides fresh air to the eggs so that they can get hatched successfully. I liked this feature because it ensures the health of the eggs by maintaining the temperature.

  • Electronic temperature control system:

This is a special feature of this product to offer you full control over the temperature. It allows you to control the incubation temperature effectively for creating a healthy environment for the eggs. It also includes a glass thermometer to regulate the real-time temperature easily. So, by using this product, you can make sure that the eggs are in the right environment for successful hatching.

  • Full visibility of the inside process:

Seeing the eggs inside the egg incubator is important to ensure there is no damage inside. Though most of the egg incubators don’t allow to see the inside process, the Brinsea Mini II Eco egg incubator has a nice solution for it. It comes with a transparent top to allow a 360-degree view of the inside processing. Because of this feature, the egg incubator becomes ideal for teaching process.

  • Can run on battery:

This is a handy feature for anyone. This product can run on 12V, so you can operate it using a battery. This feature makes it a portable product in the market. It allows you to take this product to anywhere and use it conveniently.

  • Anti-microbial material:

The egg incubator is designed using anti-microbial material to ensure the eggs are safe inside. This material improves the productivity of this product. It prevents the growth of bacteria and germs in the egg incubator for the safety of the eggs and chicks. With this feature, you can protect the eggs from getting infected.

  • Compact and lightweight design:

This feature enables the beginners to use the egg incubator easily. It also allows them to carry it with them to any location. With this feature, the Brinsea Mini II Eco egg incubator can be used at home without any worries.

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Tips for using:

In this section, I will give you some using tips for using this product.

  • The product includes guards for the water pots for the safety of chicks. So, you should always use the guards to ensure safety. Also, by doing this, you can prevent the drowning of very small chicks.
  • You shouldn’t place more eggs than the suggested number in the incubator, as it may lead to uneven incubation.
  • As there is no automatic egg turner, you should ensure to turn the eggs manually according to the requirement.


With a wide capability, the Brinsea Mini II Eco egg incubator is a great product to use at poultry farms. Its temperature and humidity control system is capable to maintain the required temperature inside. Because of its unique and compact design, it can be used by the beginners conveniently. Though there is no automatic egg turner, a manual turning of the eggs is possible by the beginners. So, the Brinsea Mini II Eco egg incubator is an ideal product for any purpose. If you are thinking this egg incubator can solve your purpose, you should go for this product.

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