Brinsea Mini II Advance Hatching Egg Incubator Review

Brinsea Mini II Advance Hatching Egg Incubator Review

When it seems hard or impossible to hatch the eggs naturally, egg incubators come into account. With temperature and humidity control systems, automatic egg turners, user-friendly design and many other features, these products make the egg hatching job easier for anyone. Also, the egg incubator should be efficient enough to maintain all the required parameters and provide successful hatching every time. If you are looking for such an egg incubator, then Brinsea Mini II Advance egg incubator is the perfect product for you. I have used this product and experienced its performance, so I am recommending this product to you. I am reviewing this product here so that you can decide whether it is ideal for your application or not.

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Once I placed the eggs in this product, it is very easy for me to monitor those with its temperature alarms, automatic egg turner, periodic cooling, digital display, etc. This egg incubator can offer 100% successful hatching to anyone. This product can hatch up to 7 eggs of any size successfully. Its automatic egg turner turns the eggs effectively and stops just before two days of hatching. This product has a feature of counting for the date of hatching the eggs, which I like very much. Another thing I liked about this product is its design. It comes with a transparent lid that allows 360 degrees viewing of the inside process.

Who should use this product?

If you are a poultry hobbyist and looking for a unique egg incubator, then you should use Brinsea Mini II Advanced egg incubator. Its 360 degrees transparent lid allows seeing the incubation process inside, so this egg incubator can be used for teaching proposes. This egg incubator comes with two disks; one for 7 eggs of all sizes and another one for 12 small eggs. So, this egg incubator is ideal for small poultries. Also, professionals can use this product in their businesses for hatching the eggs successfully. This egg incubator can control the humidity effectively to ensure a healthy environment for the eggs.

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The Brinsea Mini II Advance egg incubator includes a digital display with the microcontroller, which allows you to regulate the temperature easily. Also, temperature alarms are available for maintaining the right temperature. With a compact size, this egg incubator is ideal for anyone to use it at home for hatching the eggs successfully. When you place the eggs inside this egg incubator, you no need to worry about those, as the automatic egg turner does everything for you. Its countdown system ensures to stop the turner before two days of hatching. Another best thing that makes it an ideal egg incubator is it creates a healthy environment for the eggs by controlling all the parameters actively.

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  • 360-degree transparent lid:

Everyone wants to see the incubation process inside the incubator. It is also important for monitoring the eggs and ensuring there is nothing wrong inside. Most of the egg incubators come with a viewing window on the top or no viewing window at all. In such products, one needs to go to it to view the process. So, with a 360-degree transparent lid, this product makes it easy for viewing the process from a distance. This feature makes this product ideal for educational purposes.

  • Automatic turner system:

While incubating the eggs, it is important to turn them for a few times to ensure they stay alive. If this is not done at the right time, the eggs will die inside. So, this product comes with an automatic turner system to do that job in the right time and reduce your efforts. Also, this product has an auto-stop feature for the turning function. This feature stops the auto turner when just two days remain for the hatching.

  • Digital control system:

This is another unique feature of this egg incubator. It includes a microcontroller to manage the functions of this product digitally. Also, a digital display is available to view a simple menu, which is easy to understand by anyone. The digital display shows the inside temperature, humidity, time remaining for hatching, and the turning status. One can customize the incubation temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, turning interval and angle, hatching interval, cooling duration and high and low limits for temperature alarm using the user-friendly digital menu system.

  • Humidity control system:

Humidity is a key parameter to control in the egg incubator. For controlling the humidity, this product has an inbuilt water reservoir. Also, this product allows you to fill the water in the reservoir using the external top-up feature. Its humidity control system can control the humidity accurately to create a healthy environment.

  • High-quality material construction:

This egg incubator is made of high-quality, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial material to ensure high durability and safe environment for the eggs. Because of this material, the Brinsea Mini II Advance egg incubator can keep the eggs safe from germs and ensure they are not infected by the material.

Tips for using:

Now, I am going to make a list of tips for you to help you in using this product properly.

  • For filling the water reservoir, you should use the external top-up without opening the lid. During the incubation process, you must do this to ensure the process is going on without any interference.
  • You should avoid using strong detergents for cleaning this product. If you use strong detergents, the material may get spoiled.


Brinsea Mini II Advance egg incubator is a superb product and can be used by anyone. I am completely impressed with its performance. If you are looking for an egg incubator to use at home, then I suggest you to use this product. With a small and compact design, it will be a great choice for your home. Its outstanding ventilation feature maintains the temperature inside it by stimulating fresh airflow. It is a completely digital system that allows you to regulate its functions effortlessly. You can buy this egg incubator, if its features are ideal for your needs.

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