Top 10 Best Whiskey Glasses 2020 : Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

There are different types of glasses when it comes to drinking hot beverages. Every glass is crafted with its level of perfection. The general notion to keep in mind regarding the whiskey glasses is that it should have a bulbous bottom and a narrow rim. When the bottom is way too narrow, then it allows the aromas to escape. Whiskey and other types of lighter malts have their unique flavor.

When it comes to other types of beverages like wine, where there is so much variety in the variety itself. It demands to serve in different types of glasses. But, in the case of whiskey, the factor that entices the person to consume more is the aroma. So, the glasses must keep the aroma intact is a major concern.

Best Whiskey Glass Reviews 2020

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying best whiskey glasses. But, the major question arises as to whether one has to purchase these glasses online or in the physical brick and mortar stores. There are a lot of perks associated with buying whiskey glasses online. Some of the best whiskey glasses are mentioned below. The links to purchase these glasses are also attached below.

#1. Glencairn Whisky Glass Set of 4

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Are you interested in buying the whiskey glasses that are hailed as the Best Whiskey Glasses? Then you should be booking Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set right away. These glasses have a sturdy bottom you can hold on to and use it to sip your whiskey little by little. Also, if you are a person who isn’t careful about handling the heavy whiskey glasses, then without any second thoughts, you need to be making use of these whiskey glasses. The kind of crystal used to make these whiskey glasses are very transparent and lustrous.

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The glass is lead-free and can be molded in the desired shape and size. Anyone who had upgraded themselves to using this product from the normal range of product they had been using, would love all the features provided by these glasses.

There are a major purpose and reason behind the design incorporated into the making of these kinds of glasses. This is one of the best glasses for holding the aroma. All get concentrated at the bottom part of the glass which later one gets to taste.

What we like 

  • Peculiar design
  • Very innovative
  • Easy to handle
  • Not very expensive

#2. Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses

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When the other glasses are round in shape and they don’t offer some exoticism in designs, then this dragon glassware comes to the rescue. These glasses are similar in appearance to the shape of a diamond. It more or less looks like a diamond from the outside. If you like to see the drink swirling inside the glass, then you have to buy these glasses without any second thought. The design of these glasses allows aeration.

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The 50-degree angle at which the glass is tilted makes it very much suitable for an exotic drinking experience. Also, the spill-proof nature, the anti-rock feature of these glasses makes it very much easy to use. If you are looking for gifting a luxury product line, then you need to go for this without thinking twice.

You can use these glasses in the refrigerators, dishwashers, and in the microwave ovens. You can avail of a 1-year warranty on these kinds of products and guaranteed customer service.

What we like 

  • Unique design
  • Resembles the shape of the diamond
  • Much easy to handle
  • Comes with guarantee

#3. MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses – Classic

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One takes much pride in mentioning about how the designs manufactured under the label of MOFADO has a lot of value in the market. All the designs are crafted by some of the best designers in town and they are patented. All the glasses are made using the lead-free glass and they are hand blown. These hand-blown glasses have crystal clear clarity and one can see the drink quality and quantity from outside the glass itself.

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The weight of these glasses is more than a pound. These are some of the best in the market no matter what. The major feature of these glasses is oversize. It can handle a lot of ice cubes all at once and it doesn’t break easily. You can add whiskey, ice, and other ingredients all at once.

All of the glasses manufactured under the MOFADO brand are perfect for gifting and these whiskey glasses are no exception. If you aren’t really satisfied with the kind of products you had received, then you can ask for replacement within 30 days of delivery.

What we like 

  • Patented designs
  • Excellent quality of glass
  • Sturdy to hold
  • Excellent grip

#4. Paksh Novelty 7-Piece Italian Crafted Glass Decanter & Whisky Glasses Set

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This is one of the excellent range of whiskey glasses one can find in the market. This is major because it comes with a lot of added features. There are a lot of things about this product that makes it stand apart from the rest. It is one of the best decanter sets found in the market. The size of the decanter is about 33.75 Oz and the size of the glasses is about 9.5 Oz, which is way above the usual size of the whiskey glasses. Despite the size of the glass, it is very elegant. The top features of these glasses are that they are old fashioned with diamond cuts. The detailing incorporated into these glasses are of very high quality. One can enjoy sipping from these whiskey glasses as they are being poured from a decanter.

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The purest form of Italian design has been incorporated into the design of these glasses. One can see the elegance in the outer design itself. It is manufactured using some of the finest sand and other kinds of materials available.

These glasses are best suited for everyday purposes and for receiving guests as well. One can receive all the guests with huge pomp and show with these lines of glasses. These can be used in dishwashers. If you are planning to gift something extravagantly to your beloved, then without any second thought, you need to be purchasing this product.

What we like 

  • Decanter with glasses set
  • Finest Italian design
  • Best for gifting
  • Light penetrating design

#5. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass

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Godinger is known for the kind of items it manufactures and distributes all over Canada and the USA. Not just the barware but also the kind of items being sold in the shops like metal giftware, frames, and be it any other object, you can find it very much worthy enough for the money. There are very few glasses that come with the design of holding the cigar along with it. There are a lot of fans in this world who like to enjoy their shot of whiskey alongside some cigar to smoke upon.

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The plain design incorporated in the design of the glass ensures that it doesn’t slip off from the hands of the person. The bent provided for holding the cigar is also deep enough such that your fingers don’t get hurt as you try to hold the cigar. Your fingers don’t get burnt. This is one of the hottest selling glasses in the market. No matter even if the best whiskey glasses market gets flooded with a lot of other options, the kind of demand for this range of glasses never decreases.

The capacity of the glass is about 12 Oz and it is made using the lead-free crystal. The clarity is obtained in the glasses majorly if the amount of lead used is way too less.

What we like

  • The impeccable design of the glass
  • Provision to hold the cigar along with the glass
  • The capacity of the glass
  • Value for money

#6. Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

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These glasses are made from some of the finest quality materials. If you are looking for ways to impress your guests, then without any second thoughts make use of these elegant whiskey glasses. Be it any special occasion or even just simple parties you throw for your friends, these whiskey glasses come to the rescue. The thick bottom of the glass ensures that it doesn’t break easily. The thick walls of the glass maintain the temperature very constant. Also, one of the best features of these glasses is that they don’t break easily. They come with a lifetime guarantee. Even if it breaks, you can get it replaced very easily. These glasses can be used in the dishwashers and you need not have any second thoughts about it.

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The satin ribbon tied boxes when presented to someone on their special day just lights up their faces and they beam with full joy. Though these glasses are a bit old fashioned, they sell too good in the market. These gifts are best suited for both men and women. Anyone would be happy to receive gifts of these top quality.

Another best feature that amazes you is the size of the glass. It is about 10 Oz incapacity. They can be used sufficiently for adding liquor and some ice cubes along with it. The company guarantees 200% customer satisfaction and if you aren’t really happy with the product you have received, then you can call them up anytime and ask for a replacement.

What we like 

  • Thick glass bottom
  • Glass doesn’t get shattered easily
  • Best customer service
  • Simple and elegant design

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#7. Bormioli Rocco Small 2 ¾” x 3” Italian Weighted Bottom Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

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These whiskey cups are made in Italy using some of the best glasses found in that place. The glasses pave way for excellent molding and crystal clear clarity and brilliance. The shape of the glass(2 ¾” x 3”) is best suited for 6 ½ ounces of liquid. The grip is very strong and there are very few to no chances of losing grip on it. When you place these glasses in the bar, it is sure to steal the eyes of many in that place.

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The heavy bottom of the glass keeps it much safe from shattering. When you drop the glass unknowingly, there are very fewer chances of breakage. These glasses aren’t just best suited for whiskey, but other kinds of drinks like cocktails, juices, wine, and other kinds of soft drinks. The design of the glass is in such a manner that every time you sip a drink from the glass, it feels fresh and great in texture.

These glasses are completely free from lead. It can be used in the dishwasher and can be washed with hands as well. The contemporary design pattern incorporated into the design of these glasses makes it one of its hot-selling points. The material used in the glass is so strong enough that it doesn’t shatter very easily.

What we like 

  • Contemporary design
  • Not too complex exterior
  • Best suited for a modest size
  • Goes well with any kind of beverages
  • Sturdy Outlook
  • Value for money

#8. Crystal Whiskey Glass Set of 4

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This line of whiskey glasses from Brotec has a very solid design and great to hold. Not just for whiskey, these glasses are best suited for scotch, beverages, and juices. The entire package contains 6 whiskey glasses. Each glass has a quantity of 300 ml. The kind of glass imparted in the making of these whiskey glasses is tempered and very tough to use.

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These are crafted for the safety of food service professionals. They can handle the glasses with much ease and can serve without breaking it. All these whiskey glasses have high resistance and much durable. These can be used in dishwashers, freezers. Certain types of glasses break very easily.

These glasses are not too heavy at the bottom. You need not put in a lot of effort to hold the glasses alone. Sipping on whiskey from these glasses is in itself a luxurious experience. The material is very thick and looks very fancy. One of the major problems buyers encounter while buying whiskey glasses is the packaging. When packaging is not done right, it tends to break easily while being transported. The line of whiskey glasses from this brand has a very good packaging style.

What we like 

  • Perfect for gifting
  • Luxurious design
  • Fits well with cool ice cubes as well
  • Easy to drink
  • Provides the space for the unique smell
  • Smooth curvature
  • Right thickness

#9. KANARS Rocks Glasses, Whiskey Glass Tumblers Set Of4

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The high-grade crystal glass used to make these whiskey glasses provides a crystal clear view of the drink inside. The ones, who are fond of the taste and smell of the whiskey more than consuming it for the high they get out of it, must get these glasses for sure. These glasses are handmade thus enhancing the overall design of the glass. The twisted design used in the making of the glasses is top-notch and looks more or less of an artwork. These glasses are modern, elegant and much gorgeous to even look at.

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The gifting box that comes along with the whiskey glasses is so royal to look at. This feature in itself makes it a great gifting option. The range of whiskey glasses from KANARs come as a set of packed excellently in black color box. You can gift these whiskey glasses to any gender. Be it birthdays or anniversaries or any other special occasion, you can gift it without any second thought. The large width and the narrower mouth of the whiskey glasses provide an optimum angle using which one can drink inhaling the exotic aroma of the whiskey.

Not just whiskey, be it any other kind of lighter malts, you can enjoy it soulfully by drinking from these glasses. The glasses are very large enough to add a lot of ice cubes. Even if the foam arises from the whiskey, it has very less impact on the glass interiors.

What we like 

  • 30 days full refund
  • Can be replaced when damaged during delivery
  • Excellent design
  • Crystal clear glass used
  • Wider bottom and narrow mouth

#10. James Bentley Whiskey Glasses set 

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Some of the best designers have been roped in to provide excellent design. The double-walled construction used in the making of the glasses makes sure the ice always stays intact and it doesn’t melt easily. These glasses have a sturdy design and it comes in excellent packaging. It doesn’t let the content inside the glass to get condensed. IT is made of borosilicate and is very lightweight.

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If you are looking for gifting your beloved ones a fantastic gift, then you need to pick this one without any second thought at all. The set contains 2 glasses with 2 glass molds. When you place these glasses in excellent lighting, then they shimmer and glow excellently. It is one of the best options for serving drinks for guests who arrive at a party. When you order the gift from any online store, then it comes with excellent packaging. It is very much easy to grab the whiskey glass in your hand and it doesn’t slip easily from your hand. Even if you rock the glass too swiftly, the whiskey doesn’t spill off.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind regarding this design. The interior of the glass is so delicate that any ice dropped onto the glass might break the interior of the glass. Also, the glass isn’t microwave friendly.

What we like 

  • The design looks like artwork
  • Great to hold
  • Twisted design for better grip
  • The best option for gifting

Best Whiskey Glasses 2020 : Buying guide 

There are very factors to keep in mind while you are planning to buy the best whiskey glasses. Some of them are listed below.

  • Know the quality of material used 

A lot of whiskey companies keep advertising themselves as break free, scratch-free, etc, but all of these come true only when the proper quality material is being used. The grade of the material used in the making of the glass should be taken note of. Only when proper quality material is being used in the making of the glass, it doesn’t break that easily.

  • Check for guarantee 

When a company advertises its products and doesn’t keep up its standards, you need to check for the guarantee. If the kind of damage incurred by the product falls way within the damage insurance period, then you need to make the fullest use of the services provided under guarantee.

  • The thickness of the glass 

The kind of glass used in the making should be thick enough. If there is not much thickness, then it leads to a loss of temperature from the whiskey. Also, the texture gets lost.

  • Design 

There are some standard design types used in the making of the whiskey glasses. Be it any design, the underlying factor is that, it should have a wide bottom and a narrow base. All the aromas collect up in the base and as you keep drinking the whiskey, you can feel it emanating to the top.

  • Know the types 

Tulip shaped, Glencairn, Rocks glass is the major type of glasses. There are other types too, but these are some of the standard designs.

Final Words

All the products mentioned above has some of the best ratings. When considering the features of all the products in the list of Best Whiskey Glasses 2020, one can say that Paksh Novelty 7-Piece Italian Crafted Glass Decanter & Whisky Glasses Set has some of the most desirable features. It comes with a decanter and a set of glasses. The KANARS Rocks Glasses, Whiskey Glass Tumblers Set Of 4 has its features as well. For the kind of features offered by this product, the price you get to pay is way too less. By making use of this list, you can buy the set of glasses your heart desires to.

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